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Some dating websites or apps offer a free version; sounds good in the first place, but we strongly suggest you also consider some very interesting features even though they’re not free. They often make your experience a lot more efficient; that $10-$20 is well worthy if you want to increase your chances to quickly find the right match. We tested most of these features to provide you with our recommendations.

DateAdvisor’s recommendation on LOV.net


Lov.net is easily one of the most impressive online platforms for singles and sex enthusiasts around the world. Similar to Instagram but for the dating industry, members can share photos, blog posts and pin their favorite content on boards for all to see. Their unique Karma system rewards users for being active and you can even flag accounts for suspicious or intrusive activity. Lov.net boasts a professional design that is a pleasure to navigate. Everything is well set up so that you never feel lost. Join now and start using the site right away.

While Lov.net may be free to join and navigate, free accounts have to deal with advertising – a lot of advertising. The premium upgrade, which lets you send unlimited messages and gifts, costs approximately $40 USD and is definitely worth the price. The cost is similar to other dating sites, with slight savings offered by opting for quarterly payments.

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