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Some dating websites or apps offer a free version; sounds good in the first place, but we strongly suggest you also consider some very interesting features even though they’re not free. They often make your experience a lot more efficient; that $10-$20 is well worthy if you want to increase your chances to quickly find the right match. We tested most of these features to provide you with our recommendations.

DateAdvisor’s recommendation on First Date

First Date

Upon arriving at FirstDate.com, you immediately get the impression of a serious dating site created for people who are serious about dating. Basically, it looks legit: a soft dating site for real singles looking to establish real relationships. The site does, however, make several bold promises. For example, “Ghosting” other members (ignoring them completely) is something that does not happen on FirstDate.com, as it goes against the site’s Community Guidelines. What’s more, according to them, members of FirstDate.com experience more frequent, higher-quality dates. But what makes FirstDate.com truly stand out is the unique First Date Incentive, which levels the playing field by creating two types of members: Generous Members and Attractive Members. As a Generous Member, what you’re doing, essentially, is making monetary offers to attractive members in exchange for their attention and, hopefully, a first date. As the site says, “Agreeing on an amount is the first step to a conversation.” Some members are truly hot and worth the investment. Thousands of others have had success with this method before. So why not you?

Though FirstDate.com is free to join, it’s definitely not free to use. In fact, you won’t get far at all without funds in your account. We suggest going for the midway package of 450 credits for $150.00 (3 credits per $1). This purchase should provide you with more than sufficient leverage to break the ice with several girls and even go out on a few first dates. You won’t find a dating site that cuts through the flirting bullshit faster than FirstDate.com. With money in your account, you always have a chance to make a connection with an attractive member. The odds, as they say, are in your favor.

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