Have you ever asked yourself if thinks about you as often as you think about him? Ever wondered what goes through his mind while you’re making love? Men and women think differently about most things, including dating and relationships, of that much we can be sure. But how far do the differences go?

Men constantly complain about women being mysterious and complicated, but their attitudes can often be just as vague, if not more so, than their female counterparts.

So what’s the secret? What is the right way to make men happy and keep them interested in a relationship? Fear not, DateAdvisor has the goods!

Today we’re going to take a look at the general male consensus on five of the hottest topics that make women scratch their collective heads. You’ll discover that, though usually straightforward, the male thought-process is not as black and white as you’ve been led to believe.


Sex on the First Date

If a man asks you out on a date, it means he’s thought about having sex with you. That holds true for the first, second or fifth date. But when it comes to the first sexual encounter, sometimes soon can a bit too soon, even for men’s taste. Though they may not openly admit it, men want to feel like they’ve earned sex with you. Whether he sees you as a one-night-stand or something more will depend on your own attitude and approach. 

Long-Term Relationships

Have you asked yourself what makes a guy want to settle down with a woman? How does he choose which partners are flings and which are long-term material? This simple yet open-ended question has boggled the minds of women for decades. Despite popular belief, sexual compatibility without a profound connection is nothing more than sex – and sex alone is never enough. It can come down to many factors. More often than not, however, it’ll depend on what point he is in his life and how comfortable he feels around you.  

Receiving Compliments

Men and women have different thoughts about compliments coming from the opposite sex. Naturally, women are more accustomed to receiving compliments, especially those focused on their physical traits, and have thus trained themselves to become skeptic to random praise from men. Guys, on the other hand, will almost always believe a compliment, particularly coming from an attractive women. Bottom line: compliment a guy and you’ll make him genuinely happy. 

Physical and Emotional Strength

From an early age men are conditioned to believe they must be physically and emotionally strong. But this is not always the case. An ideal example is difficulty performing in the bedroom, an experience that can shatter a man’s ego, making him extremely vulnerable. If you want a man to be happy in a relationship, don’t crush his ego or he’ll never forgive you. Let him think he’s strong even if he sometimes isn’t. After all, we’re all human beings, and far from perfect.  

What Men Want from a Relationship

What a woman wants from a relationship will not always coincide with what a man is seeking from a romantic partner. The first thing he’ll be looking for is physical attraction. Without attraction, there can’t be emotional intimacy, which means he won’t open up to you. Men want women who respect and admire them for their qualities as men. But above all else, men desire loyalty. Be loyal and caring to a man and he’ll love to the best of his ability.