How you dress, how you smile, how you smell, how you talk, how you kiss – these (and other) behavior characteristics can determine the sexual fate of your first date with a woman you want to bang. 

Though many guys will irrationally claim they would not sleep with a beautiful woman on the first date, due to some romanticized ideal that real relationships are attained by delaying the first sexual encounter, it’s practically guaranteed that sex will be the number one thing on a man’s mind throughout the date. We’ve all heard stories of guys getting laid on first dates with hot girls, not once but on numerous occasions. Thus, it’s definitely possible, but far from easy. How do they do it?

If you regularly go out on dates with girls, you know how important first-date skills can be.

Getting a girl to commit to a first date takes ability, no doubt, but navigating successfully through an evening with an attractive woman who’s more or less a complete stranger, and having it conclude successfully with you and her between the sheets, requires a completely different skillset altogether. The stakes are at their highest. Your next few hours together will shape your entire relationship.  

Here’s are six great ways to make the most of your first date and increase your chances of it ending in the bedroom:


Plan well

When it comes to first-date success, the most important thing is knowing how to plan it right. If you want the date to end with sex, it’s likely you’re not looking for a long-term relationship. Hence, you really shouldn’t make plans for a romantic candlelit dinner over deep, serious conversation. Instead plan something fun and original. Make it a day date, that way you can spend more time together. But one way or another, sooner or later, steer the date to your placer or hers.  

Dress for success

The old saying goes: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you want to get laid on your first date, you need to dress to be desired. This includes not only your outwear (shirt, pants, jacket) but also making sure your socks and underwear are clean. If possible, even your shoes should be absolutely spotless! Clothes make a man. Though this approach may sound like common sense to most, you’d be surprised to learn how many guys don’t pay attention to what they wear. Like, at ever.

Smell nice

Imagine reaching that moment in a date when you’re both taking off your clothes, eager to jump into the sack, when all of a sudden she gets a whiff of your sweaty, smelly socks. One moment you’re ready for hot, passionate sex, the next you’re all alone, beating your meat to online porn. Countless dates have ended abruptly due to a nasty bodily odors. Don’t become another statistic. Take a shower. Hell, take two! Put on deodorant, spray on cologne, wear clean clothes. Go out of your way to smell delicious and you’ll greatly improve your chances of getting laid.  

Discuss future dates

To receive sexual commitment from a woman, it’s a good idea to let her know you want to see her again, not just once but many times. Talk about future dates, make imaginative plans about the next time you’ll be out together. But don’t say these things if you don’t really mean them or she’ll see right through you. Think of it this way: if she’s attractive, sweet and good in bed, why wouldn’t you want to see her again? 

Show confidence

Nothing is more attractive to a woman (and sexually stimulating) than a man who projects confidence and control. If you want to get laid on your first date, don’t try too hard. Most women will not be interested in having first-date sex with a desperate dude who’s excessively obvious in his intentions. Don’t take her straight to your apartment or repeat cheesy lines you’ve heard in movies. Convince yourself, mentally, that before the night is through, you and she will be sharing the same bed.