7 Things to NOT do While Dating

We’ve all heard varying types of advice from so-called experts about what men should do while dating. But rarely do we ever consider those head-scratching yet all-too-common mistakes that, if not kept under strict control, can prove to be fatal for an otherwise promising relationship. 

Modern dating is significantly different from what it used to be thirty, twenty or even ten years ago. The introduction of Tinder and other dating sites and applications have modified the playing field in many respects to the point that these days most couples will interact with each other online before they go out on an actual date. While having many online dating options is definitely favorable, it can also lead to other types of mistakes.  

DateAdvisor is here to help you. Follow our advice and don’t be that guy. By learning to keep your dating mistakes to a minimum, you’ll keep the woman of your dreams wrapped around your pinky and begging for more.

Let’s get started!

Here are seven important things you should NOT do:


1 – Be Yourself

The “just be yourself” suggestion is one of the worse pieces of dating advice a man can get. Gold help him if he should follow it! Instead, what you really want to do is be the best possible version of yourself. That, however, requires commitment, time and practice. Keep your guard up (at least for the first couples of dates) and be on your best behavior. 

2 – Talk About Your Ex

This one should be fairly easy to understand, right? Regardless, you wouldn’t believe how many single guys fall into the trap of talking excessively about their previous girlfriend. If she asks, mention her briefly in passing. Don’t dwell on details or hurt feelings. A woman you’re pursing will not want to hear all the specifics about your messy breakup.

3 – Dress Too Casually

When you start dating someone, it’s always better to overdress rather than underdress. If you’re a sharp dresser, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have a limited wardrobe, you’ll have to get creative with what you wear. A clean shirt, a nice pair of pants and casual shoes is more than enough. Spray on a bit of cologne and you’re good to go! 

4 – Let Her Pay

The question of who should pay for dates has become somewhat of a controversial topic over the last few decades. But one thing will never changed: cheapness is not an attractive trait. If you can’t afford dinner at a restaurant, take her for a walk somewhere with a nice view. Buy some tasty street food. Bottom line: if you ask a woman out, you should be the one paying.

5 – Be Arrogant or Self-Centered 

Here’s another don’t that should be a clear no-brainer but is often ignored by guys trying too hard to impress a woman. This is mostly because men, for the most part, have an erroneous idea of what women find attractive. You don’t have to be a big shot to get her attention. Remember, when you meet a woman for a date, check your ego at the door.  

6 – Force Conversations

During those first few dates you’ll want to get to know your partner as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you should talk non-stop or try to force conversations. Awkward silences can be a great opportunity for seductive eye contact – a different type of conversation altogether. You don’t need to talk about everything on the first or even the second date. Patience pays off.   

7 – Fall In Love

The number one rule of dating should be: never fall in love too easily. For single guys wanting a serious relationship, the temptation is always present: she’s attractive, smart and successful – everything you want in a woman. It’s easy to convince yourself she’s the one. More the reason to be cautious! Catching feelings early will not only scare away your partner, but also have disastrous consequences for your self-esteem.