Does she really like me or is it all in my head?

Most guys have asked themselves this question thousands of times regarding hundreds of different women in their lives. Is she really into me or is just my imagination? It’s not always easy to tell if she’s showing romantic interest or just wants to be friends. Women are not like men. They are physically, emotionally and psychologically different. When men want something, they’re usually direct and logical in their method. Women, on the other hand, prefer a more subtle, cautious approach, guided by their emotions.

The answer to this classic question, unfortunately, is not always clear. Men are not as efficient at reading body language as women. Sometimes men need a bit of help. Even when girls make it plainly obvious (in their eyes), guys still have doubts, fears and insecurities.

The secret to reading women’s behavior is understanding what signs to look for. If she likes you, and wants to be approached, she’ll make it known one way or another, usually through flirting.

Today we take a look at the seven most common signs that a woman is into you.

Let’s get started!

If a woman replies promptly to your text messages or phone calls, you’re in.

She stares at you

If you catch a girl starring at you, it means either she likes you or you have something funny on your face. Usually, though, when you look at a girl and she’s looking back, that’s a clear sign that she’s into you.

She’s makes plans to be with you

When you propose doing something together, does she accept your invitation without giving it much thought? If a girl is willing to commit her free time to being with you, rest assured that she is more than mildly interested.

She touches you a lot

Do you find that she accidentally touches you a lot? Trust us, those touches are not exactly accidental. This type of behavior may be subconscious for women, but it’s one of many ways women show that they like you.

She asks personal questions

While you’re talking, does she ask questions about your personal life? Hobbies, favorite movies, family, plans for the future, and so forth? The more personal the better. Let’s put it this way: she wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t interested.

She already knows stuff about you

Women can be subtle but also very cunning. If she’s interested in you, don’t be surprised if she’s done her homework and gathered intel on your background. In fact, take it as a compliment!

She’s happy around you

Whenever you meet, does she always have a smile on her face? If she acts bright and cheerful whenever you’re with her, it means she enjoys your company, which means that she almost definitely likes you.

She replies your calls and messages

Last but not least, this might be the easiest sign to spot. If a woman replies promptly to your text messages or phone calls, you’re in. It only takes her a few seconds, but it’s a sure sign that she’s interested.