5 Ways to Tell if a Man is Gay

People frequently ask themselves, “How can I tell if a man is gay?” Both men and women share this curiosity. For whatever reason, some guys turn their identity into something very mysterious. Though you can always ask the person outright, most guys (gay or not) would find that offensive, and rightly so.

But are there signs that can indicate a man is gay? Of course, and we’re going to share the most obvious signs here. Don’t worry if your gaydar isn’t always spot on – you’re not alone. When it comes to determining sexual orientation, it can be difficult to trust our instincts; even when every sense in our body tells us a peculiar man is gay, we often find, much to our surprise, that we were wrong in our verdict. Wrong indeed!

Don’t worry, not everyone has the knack to instantly tell if a man is gay or not. This is where DateAdvisor comes in. Next up, we share five ways you can use to decipher a man’s sexual orientation with a high success rate.


1 – How he looks at other men

This first sign can be a dead giveaway, if you know what to look for. It’s not always easy, however, as many secret gay men have trained themselves to be at least somewhat discreet. If you’re in public with a guy and he spends too much time staring and making prolonged eye contact with other men, there’s a high chance he’s homosexual.  

2 – His facial features

A study published in 2012 by the University of Washington suggests that people, when crossing paths with a stranger, make subconscious gay-and-straight distinctions based on facial features. It’s called a gaydar and science proves that it’s real. For most people, it works. Carefully studying a man’s facial features (eyes, facial hair, glasses, lips) can help you determine a person’s sexual orientation.  

3 – The tone of his voice

Are you familiar with the stereotypical “gay voice”? We’ve all heard it many times before. Though not 100% accurate, gay men usually have a higher voice pitch that makes it possible to detect their…well, gayness. If a man sounds gay – speaks with a soft, crisp voice, similar to a woman’s – most of the time it’s true. Trust your gaydar (instincts), but don’t rely on it for confirmation.

4 – His obvious homophobia

It’s common for closeted gay men to display an extreme distaste toward other homosexuals, and to be outspoken in their loathing of flamboyant gay men. In fact, there is research suggesting a link between unrevealed gay men and strong anti-gay feelings. This prejudice toward other gay men can be a result of strict, authoritarian parents and a religious upbringing. 

5 – His excessively-feminine gestures

There are a variety of gestures that’ll give away a man’s gayness almost instantly. Does he cross his arms and stomp away when he gets really mad? Will he roll his eyes and suck his teeth during a heated argument? Does he sway his hips when he walks? If he covers his mouth with both hands and starts jumping up and down when he gets excited, you’re probably talking to a gay man.