If you want to learn how to seduce a guy, the first thing you need to know is, whether they admit it or not, men want to be seduced. Granted, it does not take much to get a man in the mood for sex; most guys are ready to hit the hay the moment you meet them! But if you’re looking for more than a one-night-stand, your seduction skills need to be on point. For a woman to get the man she wants, she must be patient, smart, calculating and crafty. Whether you’ve just met him or even if you’ve been dating for a while, seduction can be an important ally in your quest to find and keep the right man.

Men are not complicated. The majority of guys are very straightforward about their feelings and expectations. If they don’t tell you what they’re thinking, they’ll make it obvious through their actions, thus it’s important to know how to read between the lines. But if you want to land your man, you’ll have to be patient, listen carefully to what he says, study his behavior and learn from your own past mistakes. Eventually, things will start to click.

Seduction is much more a psychological quality than a physical one. It’s about more than making him want you. It’s about enticing him to do what he already wants to do. You don’t have to be beautiful or a genius to become a master in the art of seduction. It’s within anyone’s grasp to develop and enhance their seduction skills.

Next up, we offer five proven ways to seduce the man of your dreams.

Let the seduction games begin!

The element of surprise is a great seduction tool, especially for couples who have been together for some time.

Talk slow and choose your words carefully

By talking slowly, you force him to listen. Sometimes what you say is not as important as how you say it. Using an articulate, seductive tone of voice can have a dramatic effect. It also buys you additional time to think carefully about what you’ll say next.

Be Yourself and Have Fun

Nobody likes to be deceived. Therefore, show your man exactly who you are from the start. Hiding behind a mask, pretending to be someone else, indicates a lack of confidence. Show your true colors and don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the process.

Send him texts, especially naughty ones

When you’re not together, racy text messages can be a powerful tool for keeping up the heat. Done right, text messages will create a sense of anticipation. But all of your texts don’t necessarily need to be sexy. Try the sweet approach and text him something nice like “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

Tease is the name of the game

To get good at seduction, you need to get good at teasing. Teasing can take many forms: teasing on the phone, teasing through text messages, teasing with your eyes. Use subtle and enigmatic comments. Whisper dirty thoughts to him while you’re in public, when sex is impossible. Tease him during sex, too!

Be Spontaneous and Romantic

The element of surprise is a great seduction tool, especially for couples who have been together for some time. Breaking the monotony and trying something new can prove to be not only incredibly hot, but also rewarding for the relationship. Nothing spices things up like a spontaneous getaway weekend to a romantic spot.