For the normal everyday guy, when it comes to being attractive, there’s always room for improvement. All of us, no matter how fit or great-looking we think we are, can benefit from decades’ worth of psychological studies on the traits women find most attractive in men. Whether it’s changing your wardrobe, getting a new haircut, learning a new language, or whatever, we’ll give you several ideas on how to tweak your appearance and improve your personality to make yourself more desirable. 

Sounds difficult? 

It isn’t. 

Here’s a secret: being an attractive man is not as complicated as it sounds. Though you may not possess the perfect features of a male model, you can still shine in other areas by following DateAdvisor’s tips and advice, and turning into the most attractive version of yourself. Take advantage of years of research and use it to improve your physical appearance while developing confidence and self-esteem.

So without further delay, here are ten awesome things you can do to make yourself a more attractive man:

1 – Hit the gym

Being physically fit will help you look your most attractive. Not only that, it will also improve your health and give you more sexual energy, making you a magnet for the opposite sex. Strong, fit guys will always have the advantage. Healthy is hot!

2 – Grow a beard

Studies show that facial hair, particularly heavy stubble, correlates with masculinity and maturity. The more beard a man has, the more masculine he’s perceived by women. Growing a bead is something any man can do. Why not give it a try?

3 – Act kind

Women don’t like jerks. That’s easy enough to understand. For many women, kindness and honesty are the two most fundamental traits in a long-term partner. Your kindness, however, must be authentic or she’ll see right through you.

4 – Improve your appearance 

Putting the proper time and energy into personal grooming will help you feel more confident about how you present yourself. Get a nice haircut. Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Gargle mouthwash. Always be conscious of how you look, feel and smell. 

5 – Lose your fear of rejection

Confidence is sexy. But it’s difficult to be confident when you’re constantly worried about being turned down. Rejection stings and hurts, yes, but it won’t kill you. Take each rejection as a life lesson and improve your approach. Soon you’ll get another chance. 

6 – Have a sense of humor

Here’s a shocker: women love men who can make them laugh. And you know what? Science agrees! The results of a study performed in 2006 revealed that women value their partner’s sense of humor above most other qualities.  

7 – Learn to play an instrument

Being skilled with an instrument will automatically make you sexier. You don’t have to be a rock star or even in a band. Producing sounds from musical instruments, such as the guitar or piano, puts you on another playing field altogether.   

8 – Be passionate about something

Being passionate about something means living with a purpose. You live for that passion, for that goal, for that achievement. A passionate man dedicates himself to what he considers essential to his happiness, and a happy man is a desirable man.

9 – Get a dog

A 2014 survey concluded that women will place significantly more importance on how a potential mate interacts with his pet rather than other single men. According to the study, women in general are twice as likely to admit they’re attracted to men who own a pet. 

10 – Show your scars

Research conducted by the University of Liverpool and the University of Stirling has determined that facial scaring enhances a man’s attractiveness for short-term relationships. Scars give guys an edge, make them stand out, look rebellious and bad boyish!