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If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the wonderful, ever-changing world of modern dating (which of course includes online dating), this is the webpage for you. Our Dating Studies section provides you with cold, hard numbers taken from serious research performed by professionals worldwide. These days, the online dating industry is more powerful than ever. Millions of men and women meet, chat and flirt online every single day. Dozens of new dating sites pop up every few months, flooding the market with options, not all of them good. It’s enough to make even a tech-savvy person pull out their hair in frustration. Don’t despair! has you covered with the most interesting and informative dating studies found on the web. You can read them all here! Stay ahead of the learning curve with DateAdvisor. We provide you with information you need to become a bonafide dating expert. Join today and get access to articles, reviews and studies covering the most relevant dating topics.