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Are you curious about real-life dating stories? Would you like to read dating adventures told by single men and women from all over the world? You came to the right website. What better way to learn about something that interests you than to hear about it from the mouth of someone who’s lived through a similar experience? Welcome to our Dating Stories section. Here you’ll receive firsthand information, tips and advice on how to overcome the most difficult, as well as the most trivial, modern dating situations. The world of dating (especially online dating) is vast and fascinating, with enough intricacies and protocols to drive the sanest man completely bonkers. Don’t worry, though. In your quest to date and get laid, DateAdvisor has your back every step of the way! The dating stories on are sure to leave you shocked and amazed, but you’ll learn a few things, too. Pay attention! These are real-life dating stories from men and women who’ve been through dating hell (and heaven) and lived to tell the tale.