It’s a question that has boggled and confused the minds of men since the dawn of time. Guys will try anything to seduce women, but without proper technique, most of the time they fail, and often fail miserably. If there’s anything we can be sure of, it’s that female seduction takes longer than men want it to. When it comes to seducing women, more than anything, patience is key.

Women, unlike men, don’t respond the same way to the conventional forms of stimulation. But don’t lose hope! As a man, you naturally possess the physical appeal needed to seduce women. Does that mean men are born knowing how to make women want them? Not at all, though it does come easier for some. For most, however, learning how to behave around attractive women takes enormous practice. An improper tone of voice, an odd expression, uncertain body language, any of these things can ruin a conquest, or at least set you back.

The following rules apply to all women. It doesn’t matter if she’s someone you met a club, an old acquaintance, single or in a relationship, beautiful or average, young or old – females all share similar characteristics. If you want to learn how to seduce them, knowledge is power. Below are five key points for maximizing your success when it comes to seducing the woman of your dreams.

Original and sincere compliments are something every woman craves. Whether it’s a young girl or a mature lady, women love to be admired and praised one way or another.

Sense of Humor

They say if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. When it comes to seduction, sense of humor is a trait that cannot be emphasized enough. It’s no secret that women do not respond well to boring men. That doesn’t mean you need to be her full-time jester, but if you see her smiling and laughing at your jokes, it probably means she’s falling for you.

Eye Contact

If you want to get good with women, start practicing eye contact right now. Why? Because seduction starts with the eyes. Be it from across a crowded room or up close in a private conversation, holding steady eye contact, especially with a beautiful woman, exhumes confidence and sexual energy. When talking to a woman you wish to seduce, explore her eyes to discover what’s truly on her mind.


In your arsenal of seduction, self-confidence is by far the ultimate weapon. A strong sense of confidence has the power to multiply your appeal to women tenfold, while lacking confidence activates the opposite effect. You don’t need a perfect body or the face of a model to seduce women. Treat her with confidence, earn her trust and build a solid relationship. After that, mission accomplished.

Direct and Subtle Compliments

Original and sincere compliments are something every woman craves. Whether it’s a young girl or a mature lady, women love to be admired and praised one way or another. The next time you’re with a woman you want to seduce, say something nice about her hair or her eyes, maybe her gorgeous smile. Some compliments can be more subtle than others. The secret is to be both creative and sincere.

Keep Calm

Men sometimes feel sexual anxiety when they haven’t been with a partner in a long time. To make matters more difficult, attractive women make men nervous. Some guys will lose control of their bodies and start to sweat, tremble, stutter and say silly things. Take a deep breath and remember that women are human beings, just like you, and not a fortress to be stormed by the bravest men. Think of her as you would a friend, not someone you’re trying to bang. Things will go much smoother.