To kiss or not to kiss on the first date? It’s one of the oldest and most controversial dilemmas of the dating world. 

In the grand scheme of things, a passing kiss between a man and woman means practically nothing. It doesn’t imply she’s the one. It doesn’t prove you’re going to be perfect together. Heck, it doesn’t even guarantee you a second date! So why do we get all caught up in whether or not to kiss on the first? Because the outcome of said kiss can, essentially, determine whether or not you’ll see her again.

Should you rush that first kiss and try to get it out of the way on your first time out together? Or is it actually wiser to skip a kiss on the first date and let the tension build gradually? Today, on DateAdvisor, we explore all the arguments for and against going for the proverbial smooch on the first date.

A memorable first kiss leaves an air of anticipation for both parties.

Pros of Kissing on the First Date

Find out if she’s a good kisser – Who wants to waste time with a bad kisser? By the way, women who’re good at kissing are usually good at doing other things with their tongues.

They call it first base for a reason – If she kissed you on the first date, it means she’s attracted to you. You’ll know there’s interest and potential for something more serious.

Good chemistry – That magical first kiss is all about chemistry. If she reciprocates to the passion in your kiss, it shows you that she’s willing to get closer, and opens the door to all kinds of opportunities.

Leave her craving for more – A memorable first kiss leaves an air of anticipation for both parties. If the kiss sets off fireworks in her mind and body, you can bet she’ll be eager for a second date.

She had a good time – If you get a good night kiss on the lips at the end of your first date, you’ll know she had a good time. It also means you won’t feel nervous when contacting her for a second date.

Cons of Kissing on the First Date

Something can go wrong – By rushing the first kiss, you put yourself on the line. The timing could be off. She might accidentally turn away and ruin the moment. She might reject you outright!

Rejection hurts – Being rejected on your first-kiss attempt can be a real bummer. Sometimes it’s better to take things slowly and not try to force a special moment when it just isn’t happening.

You don’t want to come off as a player – Being a bit too smooth and seductive in your game can have a downside. If you get overconfident and try to kiss her out of pure ego, it just won’t be special.

First-date kiss can lead to first-date sex – You never know when an innocent kiss can turn into a lot more. If you’re interested in a committed relationship, hold off on the kiss for now.

You might have bad breath – Laugh all you want, bad breath has been known to kill the mood of many hot dates. If you just ate two slices of pepperoni pizza and half a portion of nachos, chances are your breath is not exactly minty fresh.